Cracow – tourist information


Make your stay in a strange city a pleasure, it is best to contact the tourist information office, which will provide assistance with accommodation and provide the necessary addresses. Free brochures are available from all offices, information about accommodation, tourist offices, guided tours. You can also purchase plans for Krakow, tourist maps and publications. The largest tourist information offices:

• ul. peacock 8, tel.4226091, fax 4220471, open Mon-Fri. 8.00-18.00, sb. 9.00-13.00. You can sign up for tours around Krakow here, to Wieliczka and to Oświęcim.

• Main Market Square. 1/3 (Hall), tel.4217706, open Mon-Fri. 9.00-18.00, sb. 9.00-13.00. The office provides hotel reservations, guided tours (also for foreigners), mediation in the sale of tickets for selected cultural events.

• ul. Sławkowska 12, tel.4222033. The office helps in booking rooms in hotels and organizes trips.

• Kleparski Market 4, tel.4227127, fax 4214800, open Mon.. Wed "Fri.. 8.00-16.00 Tue "Thu. 8.00-17.00.

Tourist offices

There are approx. 200 tourist offices. Some of them are associated with the Krakow Chamber of Tourism, which aims to include. in. improving the services provided by its members. Here is a list of selected offices recommended by the Chamber. All of them conduct hotel reservations and provide guide services as well (with ex. Excalibur Tours, Cracked, Nice Tour) book bus tickets. Symbol ,cc’ means, that you can use a credit card.

• Perfume, ul. st. Anna 9, tel.4224510.

• Columbus, ul. Basztowa 24, phone: 4217788, fax 4217788, cc.

• Dana Air Travel, ul. hospital 40, tel.4225097, 4227500, 4230572, fax 4216844, CC.

• Delta Travel, ul. dietl 37, tel.4221320, 4222740, 4222789, fax 4228130, CC.

• Dexter, Market O. 1/3, tel.4217706. 4213051, fax 4213036, CC.

• It is, ul. peacock 9, tel.4214770, fax 4214770, CC.

• Excalibur Tours, ul. Grodzka 40, tel./fax 4210577, CC.

• Frigate Travel, ul. hospital 32, tel.4224144, 4224701, 4224912, fax 4211290, cc.

• Cluster, pl. Szczepanski 8, tel.4227213, 4224939, 4223745, fax 4228440.

• Cracked, Main Market Square. 30, tel.4228406, 4213220, fax 4213220.

• The Road, Main Market Square. 34, tel.4219960. fax 421 99 60, CC.

• Lufthansa City Center, ul. Sienna 9, tel.4224188, 4224199 fax 4224188, CC.

• Nice Tour, ul. Kalwaria 16/5, tel.6565771, fax 6564982, cc.

• Orbis Travel, Main Market Square. 41, tel.4224035, 4221157, 4225584, fax 4222885, CC.

• Pol-Tour, Main Market Square. 44, tel.4216355, fax 216355.

You can also contact guides on your own, apart from the mediation of tourist offices. It is enough to go to the Association of Tourist Guides (ul. Floriańska 19/6a, tel.4222851, 2818145), Wędrowiec guide services offices (ul. Powisle – parking, tel.4218908, fax 4218908, 6336163) or to the Tourist Information point (tooth. higher). Contact with the guides is also possible every Wednesday from. 17.00 at ul. Siena 5. Professional guides usually propose interesting routes themselves, however, according to the principle “the customer is our master”, they will gladly take visitors to a place of their choice.

Cultural information

Cultural Information Center
ul. st. Jana 2, tel.421787, fax 4217731, open Mon-Fri. 10.00-19.00 sb. 11.00-19.00.
The Center has not only up-to-date information about the cultural life of Krakow, but also runs pre-sale of tickets for concerts and festival events. Every month, the Center publishes the Karnet cultural guide in Polish and English, in which you will find a list of current events, but also factual and interesting information about Krakow's cultural institutions. So if you are looking for cultural entertainment or just want to listen to good live music in a chamber, cafe atmosphere, visit the Center or call John. The Center is a branch of the Krakow Festival Office 2000, he can therefore give a lot of information about the events related to the celebration of this festival.

• International Cultural Center, main square. 25, tel.4218601, fax 4218571.

• Center for Jewish Culture ul. The chisel 17, tel.4235587.

• Center of Japanese Art and Technology, ul. Konopnicka 26, tel.2673753, 2672703, fax 2674079.

• Krakow Festival Office 2000, st. Cross 1, tel.4218693, 4210435, fax 4221381.

Information in the media

Before you plan a trip in the morning or just want to know, what is happening in the city, what is the situation on the roads, where are the biggest traffic jams, etc., maybe you should listen to one of the local radio stations. They offer not only good music and interesting broadcasts, but up-to-date news from city life.

• Krakow Television presents its “Chronicle” at. 15.30,18.10, 21.30.

• Radio RFM FM 70,06; 96,00 FM, Messages from 0.45 every hour. Krakow information for drivers 7.00, 7.30, 8.00, 8.30, 9.00, 15.30, 16.00,

• Alpha Radio 72,56; 102,40 FM News services 7.00-15.00 every hour, 18.00, 20.00, 21.00, 22.00. Local websites 13.00, 17.00, 19.00. Road services 8.15, 9.15; 13.15-18.15 every hour. Cultural news 16.00. Cinemas and theaters repertoire 14.00.

• Radio Krakow 68,75; 101,60 FM Local news one minute before each hour. Cultural invitations 7.30. Tourist guide 10.05. Cultural news 12.25.

• Radio Plus 70,76; 93,70; 102,70 FM Local News 6.30, 8.30, 10.30, 14.30, 20.30. Cultural news 8.40,15.50. Traffic announcements 7.45, 8.45, 13.45, 14.45,15.45.