Historical Museum in Krakow

Historical Museum in Krakow

The museum takes care of everything, what binds -”with the history and culture of Krakow. The headquarters are in the Krzysztofory Palace.

Main market 35, tel.4229922
The palace was built by joining several tenement houses. In the 18th century. he was famous for great parties and balls, which were held here. Later, he had different fates. Today it is visited by crowds of tourists. The oldest city documents have been collected here, insignia, old plans of Krakow, portraits of councilors and people distinguished for the city, colorful outfit of the Krakow Lajkonik, etc.. Open Wed, Fri-Sun. 9.00-15.30, thurs. 11.00-18.00; on the second Sat. i nd. month closed.

Town hall Tower
Main market 1
The only surviving part of the medieval Town Hall. Historical monuments of Krakow can be seen in the tower, m.in. mayor's insignia, guild sticks, halabardy.
Open: Wed-Fri. 10.00-17.00, sb.-nd. 9.00-16.00, other sb. i nd. month closed.

The House under the Cross – Theater Gallery
ul. hospital 21, tel.4226864
In the interwar period, the tenement house was the seat of the Artists' Association; the avant-garde Cricot theater operated here. Faithful to the theatrical traditions, the museum has organized a permanent exhibition in the Dom pod Krzyżem devoted to the history of the Krakow theater from the times of “court scenes” to the present day. There are portraits of artists associated with the Krakow scene, souvenirs of Helena Modrzejewska and Ludwik Solski, scenography and costume designs, incl. by Mehoffer, Wyspiański, Pronaszki, Cantor. There are also photos, placards, programs or theater invitations.
The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions.
Open Thu-Sun. 9.00-15.00, Wed. 11.00-18.00, other sb. i nd. month closed.

Old Synagogue
ul. wide 24, tel.4220962
The synagogue was built at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. Once upon a time, members of the Jewish community used to gather in the courtyard in front of the temple, this is where the life of this community went. Renovated after World War II, its external appearance resembles a figure from the end of the 16th century. Nowadays, as a museum of Jewish culture, it mainly collects items related to the Jewish tradition and rite, as well as products of artistic craftsmanship and paintings with Jewish themes. A place dedicated to the memory of Jews murdered during World War II was also created.
Open Wed.-Thu. 9.00-15.30, pt. 11.00- 18.00, sb.-nd. 9.15.30; first Sat. i nd. month closed.

House of Silesia
ul. Pomeranian 2, tel.6331414
The Gestapo headquarters in Kraków was located here. Poles were imprisoned here, subjecting them to brutal interrogation and torture. Today, you can see shocking photos and souvenirs from the imprisonment. Open Mon-Wed, pt. 9.00-15.30, thurs. 11.00-18.00, third Sat. i nd. month 9.00-15.30.

The Hipolit House
Mariacki Square 3, tel.4224219
A permanent exhibition devoted to the Krakow bourgeoisie is being prepared, and especially interior design. So you will be able to see furniture and everyday objects here.
Currently, temporary exhibitions are organized here.
Open 9.00-15.30, thurs. 11.00-18.00, other sb. i nd. month closed.

ul. like 16, tel.4293791
There is a permanent exhibition devoted to the Brotherhood of Fowl. This organization dates back to the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. Shooting Brotherhood, called Kurkowy, it dealt with the training of townspeople in the event of the need to defend themselves against the enemy. Celestat is the name of a shooting range, where on Monday, the shooting of a wooden hen took place on the Corpus Christi (hence the name of the Brotherhood). Winner, so-called. the king of the chanterelle, he was becoming a very important personality. W 1831 r. The activities of the Brotherhood were reactivated under the name of Towarzystwo Brackie Strzeleckie.
The exhibition is presented in four rooms: Armory, Treasure. Sala Strzelecka and Sala Bracka. Closed Wed. pt., sb., nd. 9.00-15.30, on Thurs. 11.00-18.00. On the second Sat. i nd. month closed.