Krakow Cafes

Krakow Cafes

Well, if someone with today's eyes could see the former Krakow café, he would be terrified. Monastery. All men. The women did not go to the cafe. Men drowning in newspapers. This is how Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński described Krakow cafes from a century ago. Today, coffee shops in Krakow are an inseparable part of the social life of both sexes. The bourgeois tradition overlaps with this phenomenon “of being”, the bohemian and artistic café life of the Young Poland period and, of course, the atmosphere, that students give to the city. The real attraction are the premises in the basement of old tenement houses which have been built in recent years. Competition is fierce. The owners compete in arranging original interiors and inventing additional attractions. In summer, cafes move to the open air, creating one big, the bustling salon of Krakow. It is impossible to list all the premises, let us stop at a few chosen ones, interesting places, encouraging further exploration.

Michalik's cave
ul. Floriańska 45
Legendary cafe, a meeting place for artists from the beginning of the 20th century. This place, former Lwowska Confectionery, was owned by Jan Apolinary Michalik. It soon became a favorite meeting place for painters and students from the School of Fine Arts, and later actors and writers. Because the cafe had no windows, it was soon renamed Jam Michalika. W 1904 r, Jan August Kisielewski had an idea, to arrange a cabaret here. This is how the famous Green Balloon was created. Artists belonging to the bohemian Krakow, who almost lived in Jamie, they decorated Michalik's walls with their own paintings, caricatures, With stained glass or amusing poems, these Works were often the only form of payment, what the regulars of this place could afford. Fortunately, the owner was kind to his unruly guests (you know, that artists are forgiven a lot), thanks to which he went down in history. Today in a restored model “the old one” Cavities in the interior, decorated with stained glass windows and furniture by Karol Frycz and paintings by Kazimierz Sichulski, you can watch the performances of the cabaret "Jama Michalika”.
Open daily. 9.00-22.00.

Main market 38
A tiny cafe with over a hundred years of tradition. She was famous for her wonderful cookies, fruit fried in sugar, especially candied pineapples and tinctures, for the production of which the spirit was imported from Moravian Ostrava and from France. A café with Italian connections popularized Italian ice cream among the Krakow bourgeoisie. Today, at the miniature tables, in addition to coffee and biscuits, you can also order a tasty meal. Open 9.00-21.00.

ul. Bracka 9
A charming cafe, attractive primarily to those, who feel comfortable among the vegetation. You can drop by for a coffee or a small snack here. Salads to choose from, delicious toast does “cheese board”, a cheese combination for gourmets.

Cafe Larousse
ul. st. Thomas 22
A modest café decorated with the pages of the old Larouss encyclopedia. Extremely nice place, which serves coffee in several flavors and a wonderful home-made cake. Open 9.00-22.00.

Cafe Malma
Main market 25
He specializes in French pastries, cookies and croissants. In the summer, Malma moves to the garden. There is also a restaurant here.
Open 9.00-22.00.

Cafe Molier
ul. Shoemaker 4
Among the acting brothers and the noise of pinballers, you can eat Russian dumplings. In the evening, customers prefer stronger drinks.

ul. st. Thomas 30
A great place for bookworms or… for a boring meeting. Actually, it is not known, is it a cafe, or reading room, in which coffee is served. The room is furnished with bookcases and shelves full of books and magazines. You can find titles from really all areas. For this delicious coffee, although its names sound a bit mysterious. Open 10.00-22.00.

Loch Camelot
ul. st. Thomas 17
Various things are happening not only inside this cafe, but also in front of its door. And this is a show of old carriages, and these are performances by highlanders and Christmas nativity scenes. The Cellar is the seat of the Camelot Cabaret. Open 17.00-23.00.

ul. Foch 1
One of the best, awarded many times for their products, confectionery in Krakow. If someone celebrates a celebration during their stay in Krakow, he should definitely order a cake in Cracovia.

Sweet life
ul. Grodzka 43
Strong Italian coffee, plus a large selection of Italian ice cream. In the evening you can dance.
Open 12.00-1.00.

ul. Starowiślna 10
A small cafe with an Art Nouveau interior and a charming garden. Nice coffee is served here, several kinds of teas and wonderful cookies.

ul. Jagiellońska 1
No one is surprised by the fact, that actors almost all over the world run their own restaurants and cafes. For a few years, Tadeusz Huk established his own cafe in the basement of the Stary Theater, in which the artists of the Krakow scene are often, though of course not only them. Intriguing interiors, fancy multi-colored drinks served in equally sophisticated vessels. A bit snobby, but if you can't afford a little snobbery?
Open from 9.00 to the last guest.

ul. Pigeon 7
Little, lovely little cafe, a cozy place just in time to drink coffee and taste a delicious "wuzetka”. Some say, they make the best cappuccino in the area. Thanks to its location (two steps from the Institute of Polish Philology) gained the nickname of the "cafe of Polish language teachers”. An intimate atmosphere, artistic decor and quiet music. In summer, you can sit down with a cup on a bench in front of the cafe. Open Mon-Fri. 8.00-21.00, sb. 8.00-20.00, nd. 10.00-20.00.

A traditional cafe of Krakow burghers, in Art Nouveau style. Coffee at "Noworol” you can drink in the decorative interiors of one of the three rooms: white, Mirror or Lilac. Once upon a time, the confectionery competed with Jama Michalika. The most distinguished guests have come here, painters and poets.
Open 8.00-22.00 (longer in summer).

ul. Konopnicka 8
Cafe on the terrace of the Forum hotel, from which there is a beautiful view of the Wawel Castle, Skałka and Kazimierz. A band plays in the evenings.
Open 11.00-22.00.

Goodbye Africa
ul. st. Thomas 21
A cafe next to the store with many different types of coffee. You can also see different ways of making this drink and of course try one of the variants. An additional attraction is the permanent exhibition of old postcards and antique coffee making devices.
Open 10.00-22.00.

ul. st. Jana 4
Something strong for connoisseurs and gourmets, aromatic coffee. A small bar is often visited by the Krakow scientific and artistic community. We do not recommend claustrophobic people.
Open at. 9.00-22.00.

ul. Isaac 1
Café, which brings together a clientele from artistic and acting circles. Decorated in a romantic way and with an idea, is one of the most popular places in Krakow.
Open until the last guest.

Old Walls
ul. Piarska 21
An original and atmospheric cafe close to the Teatr im. Słowackiego and the Main Railway Station. It used to be the premises of students of the Academy of Fine Arts. The walls, stylized as a polychrome telling the history of Krakow, are decorated with historical inscriptions.
Open 8.00-24.00.

In Zalipianek
ul. Shoemaker 24
Zalipianki are residents of a village near Tarnów – Zalipie open-air museum, famous for its characteristic flower motifs decorating the huts, equipment and basically everything else. Painted bouquets can also be admired in the Krakow cafe on the corner of Szewska and Planty Streets. Waitresses dressed in colorful folk costumes serve, among others. traditional mulled honey.
Open 9.00-22.00.

Cherry Orchard
ul. Grodzka 33
Each, who are close to the Russian atmosphere, he should have checked the Cherry Orchard. Variations on the theme of cherries are waiting here, real Russian tea, caviar and Okudzhava ballads. Sometimes in the evenings – live music. Open 10.00-22.00.

View View
Main market 29
A small room right next to the entrance to Piwnica pod Baranami. Here you can meet "cellar” artists, their supporters and more. Open 9.00-23.00.

ul. Pigeon 5
Located next to the popular Mozaika cafe. A large selection of teas.
Open 8.00-21.00.