Lock – Wawel – Crown treasury and armory

Lock – Wawel – Crown treasury and armory

Like years ago, Wawel treasures are kept in the ground-floor rooms of the north-eastern part of the castle: royal insignia as well as valuable items and historical mementos of inestimable value, which managed to be recovered and collected after the turmoil of history. In four rooms: Kazimierzowska (the ground floor of the Władysław Łokietek Tower), Jadwiga and Jagiełło (the ground floor of the Gothic Pavilion), on the ground floor of the Tower of Sigismund III Vasa and in the Renaissance hall, items constituting only a small part of the former treasure were made available to visitors, which should be here. So you can see the 13th-century Szczerbiec from all sides, from 1320 r. serving as the coronation sword of Polish kings, the chalice of Casimir the Great with 1351 r., 11th-century rarities: a rock crystal pendant set in gold and a travel goblet with a paten, found in Tyniec, and also the coronation sandals of Sigismund Augustus, Sobieski's coat, the crown of Sigismund I the Old and the spear of St.. Maurice. They are presented in showcases: coins, medals, valuable weapon, gifts, which Polish kings received from other monarchs and popes, as well as other valuables, among them the palace altar of 1720 r. (Pearl, Ivory, semi-precious and precious stones).

The Wawel Armory, which covers five rooms, boasts the richest collection in the country. It contains copies of the Teutonic banners from Grunwald, cutting weapon, pole, flammable, artillery, equestrian equipment and other military equipment. The armory is proud of the Polonites and a great collection of Western European weapons. XVI- and the seventeenth century. People not particularly interested in weapons run the armory quickly, but not without some surprise, caused by the size of some swords (who was fighting it?) and the sizes of palace halberds.

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  1. Nobody fought it ? there was a rumor that the king had giants in service ? You know how they had to fuck off when the enemies saw only clothes and ore in the camp ?
    Na powierzchni juz tego nie uczą 😉

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