Stradom Street

Stradom Street.

A short Stradom Street runs southwards from Bernardyński Square, whose name comes from the Italian word la strada -doga. In the Middle Ages between two cities – Kraków and Kazimierz developed an artisan settlement called Stradom or Pons Regalis. It was separated from Kazimierz by the Old Vistula River, so it was a swampy area, where supposedly clay was obtained for the construction of St. Mary's Church. W 1419 r. King Władysław Jagiełło joined Stradom to Kazimierz, however, this area retained its autonomy until the 19th century. Administratively, subordinate to Kazimierz, however, Stradom had its mayor and several representatives sitting on the Kazimierz city council. There were numerous hotels here, and in the Austrian times, there was a main customs house, into which the no longer existing church of St.. Hedwig.

Today, ul. Stradom, built up with houses between one hundred and two hundred years old, it is an unremarkable fragment of the trail between pl. Bernardyński and ul. Krakowska.

In the building at no. 13 was located the hotel Pod Biała Różą, where the popular French writer Honorius de Balzac once lived. His visits to the city near Wawel were purely private, because he stopped here on his way to Ukraine, where he went to visit his future wife, beloved Ewelina Hańska. He made his impressions of Krakow in two words: "Corpse of the capital".