Theaters in Krakow

Theaters in Krakow

Stary Theater. Helena Modrzejewska
Organization of the audience: tel.4224040
The Old Theater has enjoyed a good reputation for years, not only in the country, but also beyond its borders. W 1996 r. the elite Union of the Theaters of Europe entrusted him with organizing its festival in Krakow, which undoubtedly raises its status. Many outstanding artists are associated with this theater – actors, directors, set designers. The theater has four stages.

Big Stage
the. Jagiellonian 1
Tickets: 28 PLN, discounted – 14 PLN.
I propose big, performances on a grand scale. This scene offers great set design opportunities, which raises the level of performances. The performances are often accompanied by exhibitions, which can be watched in interactions, and which are a kind of complement to the stage message. The repertoire consists mainly of great works of world classics.

Chamber Stage
the. Starowiślna 21, tel.4211998
Tickets: 26 PLN, discounted – 13 PLN.
The plays played on this stage are very popular. The artists directing here mainly use the works of contemporary artists, casting great actors in his plays. Undoubtedly, the mark on the intimate’ was exerted by Krystian Lupa, which is famous for several hours (!!!) the performances are appreciated by both experts, and the so-called. wider audience.

Little Scene
the. Sławkowska 14
Tickets: 24 PLN, discounted – 12 PLN.
Mała Scena is a field for creators who practice theater of one or two actors. The small space allows for almost direct contact between the artists and the audience.

New Scene
the. Jagiellonian 1
Tickets: 24 PLN, discounted – 12 PLN.


Theater of. J. Słowacki

St.. Shower 1, tel.4224575
Tickets: Big Stage: And places – 20 PLN, discounted -14 PLN. 2nd place -17 PLN, discounted -12 PLN. Miniature scene: 17 PLN, discounted – 11 PLN
The ceremonial opening of the theater took place in 1893 r. The building is distinguished by its magnificent architecture, and the gilded interiors make a really impressive impression. It is worth going to see the painted curtain - the work of Henryk Siemiradzki. On the threshold of its existence, it was the best stage in Krakow. Unfortunately, those times are gone. Now the performances are performed only correctly. And for a theater with such traditions, it is not enough.

Krakow Theater Scena STU
Al. Krasiński 16, tel.4222744
Tickets: 15 PLN
It was established in July 1997 r. and is a direct continuator of the artistic line of the STU Theater.
Occasional benefit concerts and of course enjoy an established reputation (what Krakow is) anniversaries. They are a real hit, still present in the repertoire, the so-called. Scenarios according to B. Schaeffera. In addition, the theater offers musical performances and poetry shows. Experimental, but always interesting performances.

People's Theater
Nowa Huta, you. Theatrical 34
Organization of the audience: tel.6437101, 6442766
Safe: 16.00-18.00
Tickets: 20 PLN, discounted – 15 PLN.
For several years now, the stage of the Ludowy Theater has specialized in adapting school readings. And it does a great job indeed. Thanks to new directorial ideas ( Jerzy Stuhr performs successfully here) and a young cast, boring – because when read out of compulsory reading regain their literary value and reach a young audience.

The scene at the Town Hall
Main Market Square. 1, tel.4215016
Tickets: 20 discounted zlotys – 15 PLN.
Monodramas are presented on a small stage, there are recitals and musical evenings.

Bagatela Theater. T. Paint-Żeleńskiego
the. Karmelicka 6
Organization of the audience: tel.4224544
Tickets: 20 PLN, discounted 15 PLN, balconies 6-18 PLN.
Because it is an entertainment theater, the plays on display are usually light, easy and fun.

Teatr Groteska
the. Treasury 2, tel.6333762
Ticket prices: 8 PLN, discounted – 7 PLN.
The theater consistently implements a program that includes the presentation of fairy tales (performances for the youngest, also for puppets), fairy tales (historical-fantastic stories for older children) and myths (performances for young people).

Bücklein Theater
the. Lubicz 5a, tel.4296616
One of the most interesting places in Krakow. Old theater hall, dark tables. Theater performances are organized here, music evenings, concerts, guest performances.

In summer, the so-called. seasonal scenes. Performances are held outdoors. Those are: Łaźnia Theater Association (the. Paulińska 28), Traditional Theater (The garden of the Polish Diaspora House, Main market 14).