Pizzerie i fast food

Pizzerie i fast food

ul. Piarska 7
Of course, the menu includes pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and other delicacies” American cuisine, in its commercial release. Open 11.00-21.00.

ul. st. Jana 1
The pizzeria chain is probably present all over Poland. There are several of them in Krakow. Customers can watch, how the dough is kneaded, and the card offers several dozen types of filling. If, however, the choice turned out to be too small, you can create your own composition from the available ingredients. Big size and reasonable price: 8-20 PLN. Open 11.00-23.00.

ul. Mikołajska 16
Unlike other pizzerias, whose owners care little to create a pleasant atmosphere (there is nothing to dream about intimacy), in the Cyclops, you eat in a very nice atmosphere. The atmosphere of this place is created by the original wood-fired stove, in which pizzas are baked.
Open from 11.30 to the last guest.

Pizza Hut
ul. Grodzka 57, tel.4224236
ul. Kalwaria 17, tel.4226633
ul. Krowoderskie Zuchów 21, tel.6332088
al. Independence 2, tel.6487744
American pizza. Different sizes, large and varied selection of accessories: prices in the range 8-20 PLN. Free home delivery (waiting about 30 minutes). Open 11.00-22.00.

ul. Kalwaria 17
One of the most popular American “junk food”, in which chickens are served in different ways. Tasty spicy coatings, herbal, sesame and others. Possibility to order food by phone – tel.4236633.

ul. Floriańska 55
ul. Wadowicka 2a

Uncle Donald's concern will not surprise us with anything unusual, unless someone is impressed by the fact, that food prepared and served in the same way is possible in all latitudes. The big advantage is the short waiting time for burgers of various types and sizes, chips, cola. The youngest feel the greatest satisfaction, when they manage to drag their parents to McDonald's and force them to play with the toy set.

These are, of course, only selected suggestions. If anyone would ever write a book, which would describe all the eateries in Krakow, it would be a really big work. The premises proposed above enjoy a good reputation among the residents of Krakow, and among visitors.