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Accommodation in Krakow.

There are no complaints about the number of accommodation places in Krakow, however, in the high season it can be difficult to find a free room without prior reservation. For those then, who are planning to stay in a hotel, the best solution will be to reserve a seat. It is best to order accommodation directly at the selected hotel a few months before the planned arrival (due to the Krakow Festival 2000 some places are reserved even several years in advance). Most of the advertised hotels are small and intimate facilities, home character, located in historic tenement houses in the city center.

Hotels of a higher standard are located outside the city center, sometimes even on the periphery (e.g.. Hotel Under the Hill). There are also several inns in the vicinity of Krakow, which guarantee quite good conditions. The accommodation offer is completed by motels, guesthouses, youth hostels and campsites. Also worth knowing, that some student dormitories are open to tourists in the summer season. They provide the cheapest places, however, the luxurious conditions should not be counted on here. In all higher standard hotels you can pay by credit card. Detailed information about available rooms in all hotels in Krakow is provided by Jordan Travel Agency (ul. Long 9, tel.4212125, 4228226, fax 4229619). The same information can be obtained from the internet address: http://www.


Elector ****
ul. hospital 28, tel. 4218025 A very elegant hotel, located halfway between the Market Square and the Main Railway Station. Historic interiors with modern furnishings attract mainly business people. The hotel is very expensive. Single room. it costs 145 $, in the apartment (suitable for office work) – 275 – 300 $. Drive: trams and buses to the Main Railway Station.

Forum ****
ul. Konopnicka 28, tel. 2669 500 The most modern hotel in Krakow. It is situated on the left bank of the Vistula River, ok. 2 km from the city center. From the windows of the hotel there is a wonderful view of the Wawel Castle, Skałka and the historic part of Kazimierz. There is a café on the hotel terrace, from the windows of which you can admire the panorama of Krakow. Besides, it is available to guests: Tennis Court, pool, sauna, solarium, beauty and hairdressing salon, night club and casino. There are trade stands on the ground floor.
hotel offers 277 rooms 1- and 2-os. and 14 apartments. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, high-quality RTV equipment, telephone. There are also specially adapted places for the disabled. In the future, a complex of buildings specially adapted for the organization of conferences is to be built next to the hotel. Today, however, the Forum is a convenient place for participants of various types of official meetings, international conventions, banquets etc.. Day in room. 1-you. it costs 580 PLN, in 2-person. -650 PLN. For the apartment (studio, junior and three-room apartment) you have to pay 900 – 1400 PLN. Drive: by bus #103, 124, 144, 164, 175, 194 – Forum stop.

Grand ****
ul. Sławkowska 5/7, tel. 4217255 A hotel with traditions dating back to the pre-war times. It is located in the former Czartoryski Palace. It is here that Duchess Marcelina Czartoryska organized the famous balls and social meetings for Krakow society. During the twenty years, the elite of Krakow met here: people of science and culture. The novel Zaklęte rewiry by Henryk Worcell tells about the atmosphere of the pre-war Grand, who, incidentally, worked as a waiter in the hotel restaurant. Today the Grand is a favorite hotel of businessmen.
The offer of the room. 1- and 2-os. and apartments. For renting a room. 1-you. you have to pay the equivalent 167 $, 2-you. – 189 $, the apartment is ok. 280 – 500 $. Breakfast is included. You can pay by credit card.
Drive: buses and trams to Basztowa Street.

Hotel Pod Kopcem ****
al. Washington, tel. 4222055 The hotel is situated in a historic place, in the former Austrian barracks on the Kościuszko Mound, erected by the inhabitants of Krakow as a tribute to the national hero, who started his insurrection with an oath in the Market Square in Krakow. The mound was built in 1820, and the v 1823 r. The land was brought from Racławice, Maciejowice and Szczekocin. Later, when the Austrians took over Krakow, barracks were built here.
Today, the spirit of Radio RFM FM reigns supreme on the Mound. Even hotel rooms are marked with frequencies, on which this popular radio station broadcasts its programs. The undoubted advantages of this facility include. beautiful location, summer cafe in the open air, which offers great views of Krakow and Wawel, towers of historic churches, and also with modern high-rise buildings. Overnight in one of the dozen or so double rooms. it costs 480 PLN, breakfast is included. Drive: the final stop of the bus line #100.

Continental ***
ul. Home Army 11, tel. 6375044 This second, next to the Forum hotel, the most modern hotel building in Krakow is located approx. 3 km from the center. It offers 303 luxurious rooms 1- and 2-person apartments with a beautiful view, air conditioning and RTV equipment. Guests have at their disposal a swimming pool, sauna and solarium, beauty and hairdressing salon and small shopping facilities, as well as an elegant restaurant and cafe. For gamblers – casino. In high season, prices are higher. Single room. it costs 400 PLN, 2-you. -550 PLN, apartment – 170 PLN.
Drive: coaches #159, 173, 208 to ul. Home Army.

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  1. Best Western Premier is evidently missing from the hotel directory. It's a hotel in a good location and a very good standard. My favorite place on the map of Krakow.

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