Defensive walls of Krakow

After 1257 r. the inhabitants of Krakow have started construction; defensive walls. Do XV w. a three-kilometer long belt of fortifications with forty-seven towers and a moat wide on 8 m and deep at 3 m. Eight main entrance gates and a dozen or so led to the city : smaller gates. With time, the necessity forced the inhabitants to further fortify the defense system and this is how two barbican were created – at the exit of ul. Floriańska and Sławkowska, connected by the so-called necks, that is, corridors between the walls – with the main defensive ring The development of the city and the progress in military technology slowly deprived the defensive walls of their rationale, which until the 19th century. survived in pathetic form, dangerous ruins, littered and inhabited by suspicious individuals. In the middle of the progressive nineteenth century, the age of dealing with the past in an often ill-considered manner, on the initiative of senator Florian Straszewski and professor Feliks Radwański, the old walls were removed, and in their place, Planty was created: four-kilometer green belt, surrounding Old Krakow. Wonderful trees and shrubs have been planted in the area of ​​the Planty, lanterns and benches were set up, every few dozen meters a monument was placed and the whole thing was given to the inhabitants of Krakow for recreation. To this day, the green Planty is a popular place for walks and relaxation, although the tradition of suspicious individuals eating in the shade of trees and monuments has not completely disappeared.