Wolski Forest

Wolski Forest

You can reach the Wolski Forest by bus # 102, 109, 134, 209, 229, 239, 249, 259, 269. There are no more game in the forest, but there are a few attractions not to be missed. Reaching them is facilitated by a network of marked paths. The closest reflecting into the forest (from ul. Prince Joseph) ul. Konarowa there is a 17th-century Camaldolese church and hermitage with hermit houses in the garden. Male visitors can also visit the church, and to the monastery, women, however, only go to church and only that 12 times a year.

The heart of the forest was arranged in the years 20. zoo open to this day, with nearly two hundred and fifty species of animals.

It grows high from the northern part of the Wola backwoods 38 m the youngest mound of Kraków built in tribute to Marshal Piłsudski 1937 r. The legendary reserve known as Maiden Rocks stretches nearby.

Maiden Rocks are a landscape reserve, which protects, among other things, such plant species, how: asphodel, yellow evil, yellow anemone, cuticle rock, interesting rock formations and old trees. Protected animals roam the entire forest: deer, borsuki, hares, presses, martens, weasels, squirrels and songbirds and birds of prey.

Next to the Maiden Rocks, in the open-air museum, founded almost seventy years ago, you can admire a wooden inn from the 18th century. moved from Pasieka, renovated (like a burnt one) wooden church from the 17th century. and a wooden granary from the 18th century.

The famous Renaissance Villa Decius from the 16th century is located near the open-air museum. – an impressive example of a suburban residence. It was built according to the design of Justus Ludovicus Decius. Today's activities of the "Villa Decius Association" refer to the old traditions of meetings of intellectual and political elites.

The breeding of wild animals for the pleasure of looking at them began during the reign of King Jagiełło. Two Lives, which the people of Florence gave him, can be safely called “Adam and Eve” today's zoo: “Desiring to win favor with your throne, we ordered one Iwo and the lioness to be named after you, that you may have both sexes of animals to multiply.”