Cracow – Cruises on the Vistula, Cycle paths, Bathing areas, Sport

Cracow – Cruises on the Vistula.

In the season, there are regular cruises to Tyniec and Bielany. It is worth taking such a water walk, if only because of the great views. Harbor, where tickets are sold, is located near Wawel. From Monday to Friday, there are tours on the Wawel-Pychowice-Wawel route, on Saturdays and Sundays, however – two-hour cruises on the Wawel-Bielany-Wawel route. Information by phone 4220855. In the evenings, dances are organized on the ship.

Cycle paths

Bicycle walks are a very popular form of recreation in Krakow. Specially marked bike paths, especially in the center, there is still not enough, but the situation is getting better every year. Some quite attractive walking cycling routes are discussed below.

Routes to the Wolski Forest

• The route starts on the southern side of Błonia and leads to the bridge over Ruda-Wie. After the bridge, turn right into ul. Queen Jadwiga. First block to the left, to ul. V. Hoffman, which leads through the forest to Washington Avenue (you can visit the Kościuszko Mound). After the crossroads for cars, you have to go straight along an alley through the forest, then a slightly rocky road to ul. Starowolska. Hence, for example,. to the zoo.

• The bicycle path by the Vistula River leads to Salwator. Leave the path in ul. Kosciuszko, then pass the Norbertine Convent, after the tram terminus, turn into ul. st. Bronisława. After a few moments, the path leads to Washington Avenue.

• The Salwator-Bodzów-Dębniki route (ok. 23 km)

It starts at the tram terminus in Salwator. Go west along ul. Księcia Józefa to ul. Malczewski, then turn right, and then left into ul. Rowing and get to the Vistula embankment at the gate of the Railway Water Club. Driving along the lane along the embankment, you can admire the spectacular view of the monastery in Bielany. Later, ul. Prince Józef gets to Prze-gorzały, passes the castle, which now houses the Polish Diaspora Institute of the Jagiellonian University.

Now comes a rather difficult episode, it is only after the concrete steps that you can take a comfortable path, which now runs along the foot of the shaft.

Then the route leads to the left towards the viaduct, a po ok. 2 km crosses the Vistula at the Kosciuszko barrage”. On the right you can see the Tyniec Abbey. Turn right after the river, under the next viaduct and the path to the remains of the old road to Tyniec. Now turn left, to reach the embankment by the road running along the oxbow lake of the Vistula.

There is a view of Bielany from here, Wolski Forest and Wawel. The route descends from the embankment into ul. Tyniecka, continues along the river, on the right side you can see the opening of the Jasna Cave.

In place of, where the street turns left, you should go to the wal, which leads all the way to the Dębnicki Bridge.

You can go further by bike, e.g.. to the Benedictine abbey in Tyniec.

Bicycle Rental:

• Żaczek Student House, al. 3 House

• Jordan, ul. Floriańska 37, tel.4217764

Bathing areas


It's the most beautiful, but unfortunately – Krakow's most dangerous bathing beach. Located near the center, in beautiful, almost undeveloped place, it is in the form of a limestone canyon filled with water. The water here is almost crystal clear, for this reason, it is very crowded here during the summer months. Due to numerous cold currents and eddies, and treacherous underwater rocks, it is safer to bathe only in places designated and guarded by lifeguards.
Drive: coaches #114, 128, trams #18, 19, 22, bus stop “Chaplain”.


The lake in Kryspinów is located outside Krakow, but you can get there by public transport buses. The place is especially conducive to holiday rest: Sandy beaches, nearby forest. In the season, a water equipment rental is open here. Bathe only in guarded places, you have to watch out for a slightly cluttered bottom. Unfortunately, it's very crowded here, as if the whole of Krakow came to laze around in Kryspinów. You have to pay to enter the beach, as well as for using the parking lot.
Drive, coaches #209, 269.


A swimming pool between Podgórze and Nowa Huta. There is a water equipment rental shop here.
Drive: the final stop of the bus 127, and further – go on a walk.


• AWF, ul. Rogoziński 12, tel.4215764, Clepardia, ul. Mackiewicz 14, tel.4125880, 4151674

• Krakow, al. 3 House, tel.36374496

• Crown, ul. Kalwaria 9, tel.6561368

• Cracovian, Bulwarowa Street 1, tel.6443178

• Interschool Swimming Pools, ul. Grochowska 20, tel.4119295

• Polfa, ul. Ehrenberga 2, tel.4115582, School Sports Club, ul. Ptaszycki 4

• Vistula, ul. Reymont 22, tel.6101529

• YMCA, ul. Krowoderska 8
Tickets 6 – 8 PLN, children and adolescents pay less.

Tennis courts

• Alka, ul. Home Army (opposite the Hotel Continental), tel.6370933 w. 120

• Tennis Center, ul. In Błonia 1, tel.4253171

• Krakow, al. 3 House 23, tel.6374496

• KKS Olsza, ul. Siedlecki 7, tel.4211069

• Hotel Piast, ul. Radzikowski 109, tel.6364600

• Kozlowek, ul. Cooperatives 3, tel.6550746, 6555554.

• Cracovian, Bulwarowa Street 1, tel.6441421

• Nadwiślan, ul. Colette 20, tel.4222122

• Wawel, ul. Rakowicka 31, tel.6330022 w. 131631; ul. Bronowicka 5, tel.2614986

• Perpetual, ul. Chałupnik 16, tel.4129959, 4138466

Prices: 10 -15 PLN depending on the surface and time of day.

Horse Riding

• Alma Tour Academic Equestrian Center, ul. Forget-me-nots 1, tel.4251740

• Decius, al. Chestnut 1, tel. 4252421 Krakow Horse Riding Club, ul. Forget-me-nots 1, tel.4252548

• Pegasus, ul. Towiński, tel.4258088

• Pony, ul. Babinski 29, tel.2666869 w. 435

• Tabun Horse Tourism Club, ul. Kosmowska 1, tel.4251237

Ice rinks

• Ironworker, ul. Ptaszycki 4, tel.6443305

• Cracovian, ul. Siedlecki 7, tel.4211317

Biological Regeneration Salons

• A&J Fitness Club, ul. Honey 1, tel.4219534

• Center, al. John Paul II 232, tel.6444380

• Euro Fitness Club, ul. Bishop 18, tel.6330113

• Relax Body Club, ul. Mogilska 70, tel.4110360

• Relax Plus, ul. Garncarska 8, tel.4218143

• Sun Studio, axis. Kosciuszko 1, tel.6489555


• Sauna Club, ul. Rejtan 4, tel.6562456

• Spartacus Roman Bath, ul. Konopnicka 20, tel.2666022


• Strawberry, ul. Bema 4 / 3a, tel.4132277

• One West. ul. Piarska 21/7, tel.4217728

• Sunny Room, ul. Shoemaker 21, tel.2661513

• Vectra, ul. Krowoderska 32, tel.6339810


• Atlas, ul. Kolberg 15

• Champion, ul. Bernardyńska 19

• Max, ul. Piłsudski 5

Sport clubs

• Choy Lee Fut Polish Fighting Association, ul. Czarnowiejska 8, tel.421306

• Gem School of Tennis, ul. Siedlecki 7, tel.0906332611

• Kortex S.C. Karate Club, ul. Pachoński 8a, tel.6330400

• Port-Sport, ul. Makowski 1, tel.6374725 (gymnastics for ladies, tennis, sailing and others).

• Nototenia, Association of the Krakow Diver Club, you. Independence 8/37, tel.6491705

• Radius, Far Eastern Martial Arts Club, ul. Kosciuszko 54, tel.2673613

• Squall, Youth Sea Club, ul. Krowoderska 8, tel.4212636

Stadiums and sports halls

• Clepardia, ul. F. They 5

• Krakow, ul. Puddle 1

• Ironworker, ul. Ptaszycki 4

• Electric wire, ul. Wielicka 101

• Crown, ul. Kalwaria 9

• Grzegórzecki Stadium, al. Peace 16

• Vistula, ul. Reymont 22

Equipment rentals

Sports equipment stores:

• ul. boulevard 37, tel.6440863

• ul. Zyblikiewicz 2

• ul. Skłodowska-Curie 8

Repair of sports and tourist equipment:

• ul. Bolerowski 14

• ul. Wybicki 3

• ul. Nałkowski 19

Children's entertainment

Two fairly large playgrounds in closed rooms have been set up in Krakow. Kids can do literally anything here, on specially placed links, nets and ladders climb the mountain, to screech down on an air cushion or down a fire pipe. Besides, there are also lots of toys and, above all, the company of peers. Admission only to 12 lat. While the kids are having fun, parents can rest in the rooms next door.

Anikino, ul. Not much 4, tel. 4113007 Open every day. 9.00-21.00 (the possibility of organizing a children's party)
Drive: trams #4, 5, 9, 10, 40 and buses #124, A, E.Hermes Department Store”.

Bzikoland, you. Willowe 29, phone: 6430507 Open every day. 9.00-21.00.
Drive: trams #4, 16, 22, 23, 25, 26 and buses #132, 139, 142, 174, A, B do al. Solidarity.


Usually during the holiday months, an amusement park is growing on the square at Rondo Grunwaldzki. The huge merry-go-rounds are always the attraction.
Drive: trams #18, 19,22 and buses #103,114,119,124, 144, 164, 173, 194 to the Grunwaldzki Bridge.