Cracow – Arrival and communication

By plane

International Airport them. Jana Pawła II Kraków-Balice is the second largest airport in Poland. It provides direct connections from Krakow to Warsaw (several flights a day), and also to Rome, Zurich, Vienna, Frankfurt, of London, Paris, Milan, Cologne. Flight to the United States (Chicago, New York) takes place with a stopover in Warsaw (customs and passport clearance in Krakow). Air France planes also land in Krakow, Austrian Airlines oraz Swissair.
The center is approx. 15 km. The fastest, but it is also most expensive to get there by taxi (you have to pay approx. 50 – 60 PLN, on Sundays and public holidays and after 22.00 a bit more). Less money, however, much more time will be spent driving the fast bus D. Another possibility is the approx. 50 min access by city bus #152, 208. The stops are right behind the airport fence, all buses go to the Main Railway Station, and tickets are available at kiosks and from the driver (more expensive Fr. 50 gr). You can also rent a car at the airport (firma Europcar tel. 633 773 lub Avis Rent a Car tel. 4211066).
Those interested in a longer stay in the city near Wawel will also find an information point about vacancies in hotels. (tel.4227078, 4225076).

By train

Krakow has direct express and Intercity connections with Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Vienna, I'm in Budapest, I'm in Bucharest, Bratislava, Kiev and Odessa. In Poland, however, with Warsaw, Cognition, Wrocław and Gdańsk. In addition, fast trains run from here to almost all major Polish cities. All trains stop at the Main Railway Station (pl. Railway 1), situated in the city center, at distance 10 minutes from the Main Square. After leaving the station, through a small square with groceries and flower booths, you reach the underpass, after leaving which the eyes see the magnificent building of the Theater. J. Słowacki. A few more meters, take a short walk along the old walls and you are on Floriańska Street, leading to the Market Square. On the way, you pass one of the tourist information offices, close to the train station, opposite the booth square, ul. peacock 8, others are located on the Market Square in the Cloth Hall.

Most bus and tram lines are located at the railway station. Here you can also study large boards with the communication diagram of Krakow.

There is also a taxi rank in front of the station.

The Main Railway Station was built in the first half of the 19th century. The present building, however, comes from later times. Ticket offices for domestic and foreign transport are located in the main hall, information and a passenger service office informing about vacancies on long-distance trains. Against this, what is commonly said about railway station restaurants, in Krakow, at the Main Railway Station, you can eat fairly well in the Wars restaurant, as well, albeit less elegant, in a bar or pizzeria. There is also a hairdresser, florist, photocopying point, a branch of Bank PKO S.A.. and a pharmacy and a kiosk.

Other stations within the city

Krakow Batowice, Krakow Bieżanów, Krakow Borek Fałęcki, Krakow Nowa Huta, Krakow Płaszów, Krakow Prokocim.

By bus

The main bus station is located at ul. Worcella (opposite the Main Railway Station). From here, fast buses run to all major cities in south-eastern Poland. There are also a large number of regular connections to smaller towns.

Moreover, numerous travel agencies offer direct coach transport to Polish and European cities. Information on private bus lines is available from the tourist offices.

• Bus stations in Krakow: Krakow Czyżyny, Krakow Dębniki.

It is worth organizing the waiting time for the bus in such a way, to avoid being in the waiting room. Contrary to the train station, it is very crowded and crowded, apart from a few grocery kiosks, has no back office.

By car

Krakow is located at the intersection of the E77 routes (from Warsaw to Chyżne) i E40 (from Wrocław to Przemyśl). From the west, the A4 motorway reaches the city limits. There are road and parking restrictions in the city. For the safety of the car, it is best to use guarded car parks in Krakow. One hour of stopover costs money 3 – 4 PLN.

Wanting to move around Krakow by car, you have to remember, that it cannot be reached everywhere. In the city center, for ecological reasons and because of the devastating effect of exhaust gases on the historic walls, there is limited, and in some places a total traffic ban. Road signs inform about the prohibition of entry.

They exist in Krakow 4 parking zones. Only special permits authorize you to park closest to the center, in zone O, A i B. The parking time in zone C must not exceed 2 hours. The required parking cards can be purchased at kiosks. The card should be placed on the windshield of the car, by marking the date and time on it. By staying at the hotel, you can obtain a permit to park in the area. It is enough to report to the hotel reception.

Paid and secure car parks are small and generally full. Here are some parking spots around the city center: Szczepanski Square (round the clock, close to the Main Square), ul. Powisle (near Wawel, also for coaches), St. Patrick's Square. Shower (round the clock, next to the Słowacki Theater, close to the Central Railway Station), square next to the Cracovia hotel, two car parks at ul. Straszewski. One hour of stopover costs money 3 – 4 PLN.

If someone still prefers to drive around Krakow by car, may take advantage of the offer of one of several offices offering passenger car rental, as well as a bus or minibus. Here are some of them:

• Rent a Car Notice, ul. Basztowa 15, tel.4211066

• Car Rental, Motel Krak, tel.6370089.

• Europcar, ul. Krowoderska 58, tel.6337773

• Express Rent Car, hotel Forum, ul. Konopnicka 28, tel.2666468.

• Hertz, al. Foch 1 (hotel Krakow), tel.6371120.

• MPK, ul. brooch 3, tel.2662022.

• Radio Taxi-Barbakan, ul. Carriage 34, tel.9661.

• Hummingbird, ul. Barska 39, tel.2673703 (minibuses).

Public transport

The bus and tram network in Krakow is extensive. Buses and trams run from. 5.00-23.00. Unfortunately, Only a few buses run at night and that is quite rare. Very detailed maps and communication diagrams can be found at the train station, similar, albeit smaller and more general, are located at most of the stops. A detailed description of the routes of all bus and tram lines is available on the maps of Krakow, available at any tourist office.

Fast lines (marked with letters of the alphabet A-E) and night buses (about numbers 601-619, running from. 23.00-5.00) have a different one, more expensive tariff.

In special ticket sales points you can get the so-called. time ticket (valid for an hour, regardless of the number of changes), day ticket, weekly pass (it can be purchased for one line or for all lines), monthly ticket or group ticket. Single-journey tickets can also be purchased directly from the driver, but they are more expensive by 50 gr.

Stops are marked, they have their names and information about the courses.

Foreign tourists, as well as foreign students are not eligible for the discount.

There are also minibuses serving private lines in Krakow. They run on the most popular urban and suburban routes. They are marked with a route description on the side door or with the name of the destination stop. Minibuses (as long as there are still vacancies in them) can be stopped with the method “hitchhiking” at stops. Tickets are only available from the driver.

• MPK, ul. brooch 3, tel.910, 995.


You can find a free taxi anywhere and anytime. It can also be ordered by phone (they travel to the address indicated and, in addition, they are cheaper). We recommend numbers: tel.6333444, 2676767, 4222222, 919, 9661, 6333333, 2666666.


Information on ferry transport is provided by travel agencies at ul. Copernicus 10, tel. 4230910 and at ul. Szpitalna 24, tel.4219233.

Another attraction awaits tourists in the summer. The old part of Krakow can be explored in a horse-drawn carriage or a bicycle rickshaw. The stop is at the corner of the Main Square and ul. Szczepańska. Contract prices.