Cracow – Main station

Cracow – Main station.

In every city and in every town (see any western) the train station was the main point of reference and orientation in the field. This is also the case in Krakow, where the building of the Main Railway Station is located almost at the side of the Old Town.

Main station

Until a few years ago, the station rather undermined the good name of the city. The platforms were cramped, and the waiting room, ticket offices and the station restaurant did not differ much from the "Asian" standards. In recent years, the facility has become more beautiful, has become more functional and is now on the way (rebuilding is still underway) achieving good, European level. It is comfortable here, clean and elegant honesty bar with huge chandeliers under the ceiling, numerous cash registers, information points, luggage storage, newspaper kiosks, sweets, gadgets, toilets, showers, there is also a pharmacy.

In front of the main exit of the station, there is Kolejowy Square. Day and night, there is an increased traffic of pedestrians and motorists. In addition to the taxi stand, the space is filled with numerous stalls, where food products and newspapers are traded, audio cassettes, jewelry, ready-to-wear and other basic products. Opposite the railway station building there is an inconspicuous and tight bus station. On the south side, Dworcowy square is closed by a gray post office building. To get to the center, it's best to go deeper into the underpass (right after the post office) staked by street vendors, offering "everything": from oscypek and Krakow obwarzanek, and the Polish Tatra Sheepdog puppies. From the underpass, you can go out to ul. Basztowa, ul. Westerplatte or on ul. like.

The building of the main railway station resembled neo-Gothic stations built in the 19th century. in many Galician cities. In similar scenes, for example, during World War I, the Oberleutnants gave their soldiers one half lemon to lick as part of the Vitaminization of the Army Central Committee.

Cracow “Railroad station” built in the years 1844-1847 according to a design by Piotr Rosenbaum. Initially, it served the railway connecting Kraków with Silesia – trains traveled from here as far as Wrocław – later, when the connection between Krakow and Lviv was built – opened to the east.