Tenement houses around the Market Square - From Sławkowska to Floriańska

From Sławkowska to Florianska

• No. 36 The Ludwikowska House or the Deer House dates from the 15th century. W 1438 r. there was a mint here. In the 18th century. Marianna Lebonowa ran an inn here, in which they hosted, among others. Goethe and Tsar Nicholas I.

• No. 38 Kamienica Kencowska with an ancient café with old traditions – w 1823 r. one of the first Krakow cafes was founded in this place by Lorenzo Paganino.

• No. 39 The Pod Konikiem tenement house – a horse and a small stained glass window can be seen above the front door. Tenement house in the 17th century. it belonged to the Krzeczyk family who came from England, to which Jan III Sobieski bestowed the nobility and bestowed the coat of arms "Old Horse”. Then the Stachowicz family became the owners: Stanisław ran a printing house and a bookshop, and his son Michał turned out to be an outstanding historical painter.

• No. 44 Kamienica Betman, also known as Under the Cut Head from indistinct (you have to take your word for it) gothic emblem depicting the truncated head of St.. Jana, carried on a teddy bear by two angels. One of the owners – Krakow Żupnik Jan Bethman at the age of 90 years he became famous for his heroic deed – during a fire in the Wieliczka mine, he descended on the shaft rope and organized a rescue operation.

• No. 45 Kamienica Pod Orłem or Kromerowska – there is something to look at, comes from the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. W 1775 r. Tadeusz Kościuszko lived here before his departure to America.

• No. 46 The Red Tenement House, today pale salmon, do 1850 r. it was painted red.

• No. 47 Tenement house Margrabska with a bust of an ancient warrior, boasts a beautiful late baroque façade. W 1481 r. then owners – the Salomonich family – had the honor of connecting the house to the municipal water supply.