Calendar of cyclical events in Krakow

Calendar of cyclical events in Krakow.

There is a specific calendar of cultural events in Krakow. It is of great importance mainly to music lovers, theater and film lovers, but of course also for all of these, who are looking for good entertainment. Contemporary festivals and reviews coexist here with many years of experience, cultural events rooted in tradition.
In addition to the annual events, there will also be special shows and cultural events on a European scale. The celebration will begin with the New Year's Eve celebration, uniting all the cities of Europe.


• New Year Concert – 1 February – at the Philharmonic.
• Concerts of Christmas carols – They are held in churches. Both famous artists perform, as well as amateur bands and choirs.


• International Sailing Song Festival – The largest sailing event of this type in the world. At the time of review, accompanied by various attractions, Polish and foreign winners of shanty music festivals can be applauded.

• National and International Advertising Film Festival.
Polish TV commercials contests, radio and press. The competition screenings are accompanied by a review of films awarded at Western festivals.


• Krakow Theater Reminiscences
The oldest annual review of alternative and experimental theaters.
A real celebration of the theater. For lovers of this art, it is a unique opportunity to meet interesting artists, often they are guests from abroad.

• Jazz Juniors – A very interesting international youth competition, often just debuting, jazz performers.


• Emmaus – A grand church fair taking place on Easter Monday at the Norbertine convent in Zwierzyniec. Among the colorful toys for sale, gingerbread delicacies, devotional items, you can sometimes find a characteristic figurine of a swaying Jew dressed in traditional clothing and reading the Torah. However, you have to be careful, not to buy a kitschy fake instead of the original ornament. The name of the indulgence comes from the evangelical city, in which the risen Christ met his disciples for the first time.

• Sleeve – Indulgence taking place on Tuesday after Easter next to Krak's Mound – Sleeves. If you believe the legend, the inhabitants, to make a mound, they wore earth in their sleeves – hence the name of the place. Rękawka provides traditional indulgence attractions: stalls, amusement park, having fun, and tasting the products of Krakow companies.

• Cats – Feast of satirists and mockers – review of young Polish cabarets, mainly student ones.

• Organ Music Days – A series of concerts with the participation of outstanding Polish and foreign performers. Organ music is played in different parts of the city, mainly in historic churches.


• Student Song Festival – A very nice party, which often turns out to be the beginning of the career of Polish song stars. The gala concert is usually held in the gardens of the Archaeological Museum.

• Juvenalia – Students hold power in the city for three days, and the symbols of this power are the keys, handed by the Mayor of the City. Parades of disguised people, elections of the nicest student, concerts – these are just some of the events accompanying this joyful celebration.

• National and International Short Film Festival – World and national review of short films. The winners are honored with the prestigious Golden Dragon and Golden Hobby Horse awards


• Jewish Culture Festival – Events related to this festival take place mainly in Kazimierz. Klezmer music concerts are organized, recitals, movies are shown, theater performances, interesting guests come.

• Elections “the chanterelle king” – According to the old custom, on Monday after the Corpus Christi, members of the Fowler Brotherhood shoot a wooden hen. A winner, who will shoot the last splinter off him, proclaims himself king of the chanterelle, and his name is entered in the Book of Kings. The outgoing king returns the insignia – antique silver hen. The members of the fraternity are dressed in traditional robes.

• Lajkonik – During the octave of Corpus Christi, surrounded by a colorful team, Lajkonik walks around Krakow. The procession begins in Zwierzyniec, and ends at the Main Square, where Lajkonik takes the wine cup from the mayor and drinks it, raising a solemn toast to the well-being of Krakow and its inhabitants. It is not worth avoiding hitting the mace – according to tradition, it is supposed to bring happiness in love. Worth knowing, that the wonderful Lajkonik outfit was designed by Stanisław Wyspiański.

• Tyniec Organ Concerts – The concerts last all summer and take place in the Tyniec Abbey near Krakow. You can then admire performances with the participation of virtuoso organists, choirs and chamber ensembles. Access by bus #112.

• St. John's wreaths – Traditionally, on St.. John the Vistula, wreaths flow, mostly played by girls. The custom dates back to pagan times, when the young brides foretold about their future marriage. Today, modest wreaths are accompanied by a fireworks show and laser effects shows.


• International Festival of Street Theaters – The Old Town is the stage for the artists of this specific theater, and members of theater groups engage random viewers to play together – passers-by. Colorful and cheerful.


• Music in Old Krakow – A series of concerts and recitals taking place all over Krakow, in the scenery of old churches, monasteries, historic courtyards. Artists from all over the world perform music from medieval to contemporary.


• Folk Art Fair – A unique opportunity to buy folk art masterpieces: pictures painted on glass, valuable figures, sculptures, ceramics. You can also purchase more practical things, like handmade sheep wool sweaters, covers, embroidered tablecloths, drapes.

October – November

• International Festival of Early Music – Early music concerts performed on old instruments in historic interiors.

• Jazz All Souls – The oldest jazz festival in Eastern Europe with the participation of many Polish and foreign stars.


• Krakow Nativity Scenes Competition – The annual competition presentation of the most beautiful nativity scenes takes place in front of the Adam Mickiewicz monument. The form of these unusual works refers to the architecture of Krakow's monuments, and among the dolls one can recognize famous figures of Krakow and Polish public life. The awarded and distinguished nativity scenes can be admired at the exhibition in the Historical Museum.

• Christmas Fair – Colorful stalls appear in the festively decorated Market Square, that offer Christmas decorations, reeds, sweets. For those who are hungry, there is a baked sausage and a Galician mulled wine” straight from the barrel.

• A procession of carollers – Performances of Christmas carols from villages near Krakow, presentation of national costumes, Christmas songs and rituals. The carolers do catch up, but always leave with best wishes.