Galleries in Krakow

Galleries in Krakow

Palace of Arts
pl. Szczepański 4, tel.4226616
An exhibition room with over a hundred years of tradition, known for organizing collective and individual exhibitions.

Art Bunker
pl. Szczepański 3a, tel.4224021
As the creators of the gallery say, create an art bunker today, it is not an easy task, but necessary. So they are looking for the best and unconventional solutions, to provide art with space and opportunities for free development.

Gallery of the International Cultural Center
Main market 25, tel.4217900
gallery, in line with the Centre's program line, deals mainly with the presentation of works by artists (mainly European) creating at the turn of the century. Collective and individual exhibitions are organized here.

the. Starowiślna 21, tel.4220394
Private gallery of contemporary art (painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics) deals with promoting young artists and selling their works.

Author of Bronisław Chromy
the. Marginal 4, Park Decjusza – concert shell
The gallery belongs to the Krakow sculptor, presenting mainly his works – stone and metal carvings.

Author of Marian Gołogórski

the. Grodzka 58, tel.4214419
This gallery promotes young artists of Polish or Polish origin living abroad.

Author of Andrzej Mleczka
the. st. Jana 14, tel.4217104
You can see the posters here, postcards undershirts, cups etc.. with satirical drawings characteristic of Mleczka – satirical comments on our reality. A visit to this small gallery will immediately improve your mood and buy an original and fun souvenir.

It is – Gallery of Curiosities
the. Sławkowska 16, tel.4291984

the. Dietla 53, tel.4228631
Contemporary art gallery, conducting exhibition and promotional activities, associated with various artistic circles in Krakow.

Poster Gallery
the. Joinery 8 – 10, tel.4212640
Gallery founded in 1985 r. organizing artistic meetings and exhibitions on a grand scale, It brings together artists specializing in poster design and all lovers of this field of art. Several hundred copies of original posters on sale.

the. Grodzka 25, tel.4291553
The only gallery in Krakow presenting exclusively Polish graphics.

Artistic cauldron
the. Mikołajska 6, tel.4212567

the. Szczepańska 2, tel.4229360
The creation of the gallery was a great artistic event. In years 30. the Krzysztofory underground gathered students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków ( T. Office, J. Nowosielski, M. Jarema), founders of the artistic Krakow Group. Today, the gallery presents temporary exhibitions of various art forms.

the. Floriańska 36, tel.601441649

On the first floor
Gallery of the City Center of Culture,
the. Mikołajska 2, tel.4221955.

Noble Floor
Main market 33, tel.4225395
The works of the youngest artists are mainly presented here. The gallery promotes the works of students of the Academy of Fine Arts.

the. Podbrzezie 6, tel.4219655

pi. Sikorski 8, tel.4210278
The gallery promotes international modern art. Organizes exhibitions, prepares monographs, has its own library, willingly helps students in the preparation of their master's thesis.

the. st. Brand 20, tel.6561911

Rostworowski Gallery
the. st. Jana 20, tel.4232151
The gallery is located in renovated medieval cellars. Works by artists of the middle and young generation are exhibited here.

ZAR – Gallery of the Union of Sculptors Artists
the. Bracka 15, tel.4210323

Starmach Gallery
the. Hungarian 5, tel.6564317, 6564915
The works of the Krakow Group and works of contemporary painting are gathered here, sculptures, photography and drawing.

Gallery of the Disabled People's Art Foundation
the. Królewska 94, tel.6368584

Stawski Gallery
the. Miodowa 15, tel.4218046

Market, tel.4218164

Gallery of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.
It organizes group and individual exhibitions.

the. Joseph 16, tel.4235731
Exhibition of contemporary art and items related to Jewish culture and religion.

Ukrainian art – St.. Włodzimierz
the. Kanonicza 15, tel.4219294
St.. Vladimir the Baptist of Kievan Rus, is located in a historic palace. Being here, it is worth paying attention to the chapels designed by J.. Nowosielski and a collection of original icons.

Temporary – Contemporary
the. Dolnych Młynów 7, tel.6326878.

Gallery of the Polish Community Association
Main market 14, tel.4226158, 4226341.

With a handle
the. Sławkowska 13/15, tel.4228941

the. Floriańska 3, tel.4296743
A meeting place for young independent artists. The most modern trends and artistic trends are presented here.