Filming with a drone- look at the world from a different perspective


of us probably dreamed about it more than once, to rise above the ground and be able to
see the world from a bird's eye view. In recent years, it is increasing
more often possible thanks to machines such as gliders and hang-gliders, but also
thanks drones, which took Poland by storm, quickly gaining huge

What is a drone?


we call unmanned aerial vehicle, remotely piloted or
flying autonomously. Originally, drones were used before
all by the armed forces to observe and patrol the area. From
for some time, however, they are increasingly used for private purposes and
earning money. No special permits, you can fly models weighing
below 0,6 kg, for recreation or sports. Heavier models, flights
commercial and in areas beyond the operator's sight,
require a special license.

What is the drone for


drones are used on a large scale in many areas of life. I
scientists discovered the advantages, most of all those, who research hard
available space on the ground, for example the polar regions. By
the drone is much easier to count the population of animals, create maps or
control air flows. In turn, large trading companies and
communication are testing solutions that rely on delivering to clients
shipments using drones. These devices are also used by the services
rescue during search operations.

unmanned aerial vehicles can also enjoy the benefits
individuals, companies and institutions. This is what they are making up
a greater percentage of clients who order drone filming professional
companies. What are the drone recordings used for??

Wedding reportage

Each one
young couple wants to, to make her wedding unforgettable and unique
kind of an event. But happy memories will last for a long time
patch, it is worth recording the moments of the wedding party. Of course the most
still photography and conventionally shot companies are still popular methods,
however, there is a growing interest in aerial recordings. They allow
simultaneously capture all wedding guests (what matters with
large, parties of several hundred people) and capture it carefully
prepared decorations and romantic landscapes, organized for example
by the lake or in the garden.

Sightseeing films

it will not reflect the beauty of a mountain range or a stretched one so well
kilometers of the seashore, like a movie or photos from a bird's eye view.
Also, urban architecture will only fully reveal itself then, if
we will look at it from above. Films showing the beauty of Poland - both cities
and wild nature - more and more often they are commissioned by the authors of the films
documentaries or by public institutions, using them for
creating promotional spots and tourist business cards.


Music videos and advertising


they are a boon to the media industry. Filmowanie z lotu
bird definitely broadens the possibilities of the production team: allows you to
the use of atypical, original frames, resulting in
greater interest of viewers. Buildings, group of people, and even products
viewed from the air, they are intriguing, because they show it, what for human
the eye is unattainable on a daily basis.

Who to commission drone filming?


there are many companies on the market, that offer their services in the field of
drone filming, however, not all are equally trustworthy.
When choosing a company you should follow a few simple rules. Po
first to be sure, whether the company complies with the applicable regulations
aviation regulations, has all licenses and permits. Po
the second, see what we have done so far, to find out,
whether their level meets our expectations. Thirdly, worth it
check the opinions of other customers: they will contain information not only
about the quality of the movie, but also the standard of customer service.

most companies have their own website, in which
publishes a number of messages important from the customer's point of view. WITH
On the other hand, you can find tips or cautions on social networks
about each of the companies. A short internet search will suffice, by
know, for example, who is the most recognized drone operator in
Rzeszow. It is worth considering your decision about it, whom to entrustdrone filming, so that you can enjoy your fantastic videos and photos later
taken from the bird's eye perspective.