Cultural centers in Krakow

Cultural centers in Krakow

Cultural Information Center
ul. st. Jana 2, tel.4217787, fax 4217731
The Center has up-to-date information on the cultural life of Krakow and offers presale tickets for concerts and festival events. This institution publishes the Karnet cultural guide in Polish and English every month, where you can find a list of current events, but also factual and interesting information about Krakow's cultural institutions.

Center of Japanese Art and Technology
ul. Konopnicka 26, tel.2673753, fax 2674079
The Center promotes Japanese art and culture, organizes shows of artistic craftsmanship, painting and photo exhibitions, film screenings, etc..

Jewish Culture Center
ul. The chisel 17, tel.4235587
It is located in the historic Jewish district of Krakow – in Kazimierz. The purpose of this facility, dealing with the organization of the session, lectures, show, concerts, film screenings, is to protect and popularize Jewish culture. The Center has its own library, gallery and cafe.

International Cultural Center
Main market 25, tel.4218601, fax 4218571
The purpose of this institution is to support European cultural cooperation and activity and to protect its cultural heritage. The center conducts research activities, exhibition and publishing, besides, it co-organizes international didactic courses within the College for New Europe.

Krakow Festival Office
ul. st. Cross 1,
Krakow welcomed the year 2000 as the European City of Culture. This name was given to nine other cities by the European Union. They are to present the cultural heritage of Europe at the threshold of the new millennium. On this occasion, numerous occasional performances took place, concerts, exhibitions etc..

Villa Decius
ul. 28 Jul 17A, tel.4253644
W XVI w. the villa was a meeting place for eminent personalities of the Renaissance era. Today these traditions are being returned anyway, like before 500 patches, it is again a meeting place for writers, explains, scientists and artists. Courses are organized here, conferences, symposiums and cultural events. Villa Decius is open to visitors. The palace is open to tourists every third Sunday of the month, and an additional attraction are lectures with the historic building, its owners.