But how is it so, without installation? Browser games

Some people associate participation in the world of computer games only with 3A productions, who need powerful graphics cards and a lot of RAM. However, for people who are looking for a casual game, perhaps looking for more written impressions, there is still hope. Games to run which only need a web browser and a permanent connection. No, this type of game doesn't just end with Candy Crush. Browser games, because we are talking about them, it's quite an interesting form of fun. It's worth taking a look at them.

From simple flash games to text games

Thematic range they fit in browser games is big. At the very beginning, it is worth mentioning the simple ones flashlights, because it's from them most of the people 20+ began her adventure with this type of fun. These are simple programs related to the program Adobe Flash Player. Currently, it is unlikely to be played anymore, this program has long died a natural death, however, without mentioning him in the article discussing any browser games would be incomplete. A lot has changed since then, but the idea remained the same. The game is simple and addictive. Strategic games are brilliant on the market today, such as Forge of Empires. Their complexity is not able to compete with the productions of great studios, however, it can always provide a moment of casual fun for a fan of this type of game. Browser games however, they have many faces. One of them are the so-called. textbooks. In the past, productions based on the engine called Wallheru, now the differentiation is greater. What are these texts? Well, these are simple RPGs, where the ability to play characters has been added to the usual gathering of resources and capturing monsters for a higher level. This is done by writing texts on the chat, hence the name.

Browser games – do they have a future?

The question arises, will these types of games stay on the market? Well, the answer is not unequivocal. Certainly many people cannot afford to play 3A, others just don't want to. For just such browser games will be just right. Rather, the question is, are their best years behind them?, or are they just starting to develop. Time will tell.